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The San Francisco Bay range of premium gourmet coffees reflects the birthplace of Rogers Family Company. The San Francisco Bay coffees are top quality, environmentally and socially responsible and are your bridge to the World of Outstanding Coffee.

Gourmet Quality Beans

We search the world over for the highest quality organic coffee beans and roast them to perfection. Our green coffee beans come from small coffee estates and farms and from our own coffee farms in Panama. We only use 100% Arabica beans grown at altitude under a canopy of rain forest preserving shade trees. Shade grown coffee develops more slowly and with more intensity. The difference can be tasted in the coffee.

Trading Fairly

We invest in our own Community Aid programme that cares for our farmers, their community and the environment. We try to break the cycle of poverty in the struggling coffee communities by direct support of educational, nutritional and healthcare programmes for our coffee workers and their families. Together with our shade grown, bio-diverse, organic farming practices we keep the workers, their families and the environment healthy.

Roaster Fresh

You get the freshest coffee available when you buy our Roaster Fresh soft packs. Fresh roast coffee naturally produces aromatic gases. The valve in this pack lets the gasses escape without losing flavour. It's roaster fresh when you buy it.

The Perfect Cup

For a 1 litre cafetiere or filter coffee maker use 3 to 4 desert spoons. For individual cups we recommend one rounded desert spoon.

Colombian Supremo

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One of the finest coffees in the world . . . our Colombian Supremo is full-bodied with a mild, almost sweet taste.


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Whole Bean

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Gourmet Blend

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A unique blend of Arabica beans from Central and South America . . . . slow roasted for a bright and flavourful coffee.


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